Post 3: Finishing second week in Italy

Hi all! Still phoneless, so I still cannot add photos to these posts yet (I promise I’m working on it). Last weeks hurdle was a stolen valuable, this weeks hurdle is strep throat! Ah, yes. The exposure from overseas travel, full classrooms and public transportation has taken my very weak immune system down so soon. I’m writing this from bed, where it has been almost a full 24 hours since I last moved. In place of pizza, pasta and gelato, I’ve been enjoying gatorade, chamomile tea and ramen noodles. Luckily for me, streaming services and some pretty wonderful roommates have made it bearable, and my focus is on recovering and resting. I am less homesick this week than I was last, which is rewarding, but I’m definitely starting to crave American food and being able to drive myself places (all of this walking is giving me some serious calves). There are some aspects of my life that have definitely succumbed to the Italian way if living, such as my daily breakfast, which has consisted of a double shot cappuccino and a croissant for 10 days straight. I’ve never eaten this much pasta or drank so much wine in my life, but there is a part of me thats craving Chipotle and Twistee Treat. I got to try Italian McDonalds, that was crazy. I’m not a huge fast food gal but man it was a real taste of home. I’m looking forward to my last week of my first class, Tuscany and its Wines. My professor is the kindest, most knowledgable woman and I will miss her dearly. We went to a winery this week and it was so cool to actually understand what they were talking about!! I cannot wait for my family to get here and see it all too. All for now!


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