Departure Blog Summer 2022: Back to the U.S.!

Hello all readers! I will be reliving my trip to Spain as I say a bittersweet goodbye to this country and what it offered my group and me. It feels amazing to recount what I learned these past two weeks and how my departure from Spain went along. I will never forget the intense amount of walking my roommate and I did as we walked to each meeting place and restaurant since our host apartment was planted right in the middle of the city of Alicante. Walking from place to place was drastically different from my life here in Florida, but I slowly learned to admire the ability to do so when I came back. My favorite thing to do in Spain was visiting new places each day, whether that be by trying new foods or walking into foreign stores to see what they sold. For example, the largest department store in Alicante, which was only a three-minute walk from my apartment, was called the Corte de Ingles, and it even had a Starbucks inside:) One of the hotspots my friends and I visited almost every night was the pier or the “Puerto.” It was a really beautiful sight being able to see the pier lined with homemade souvenir shops, fancy restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Of course, there was also the water where one could see various boats and yachts stationed.

After I made sure I visited as many places as I could before the day of departure, I started to pack up all the little gifts I bought to bring back to my family along with my clothes and such. My journey back home was a lot less lonely than my journey to Spain since I was not flying alone this time. Seven of us from the group went to the airport that day, including my roommate and everyone else stayed in Spain for a longer time to continue their travels. We prepared for being inside multiple airports because of layovers for a total of about twelve hours, so we made sure to get to the airport early and get all the necessities before embarking on the longest plane right back to the United States. One bump in the road we ran into while checking into our flight heading to the United States was not having a health attestation by the CDC filled out. At the airport, they tried charging us fourteen euros for a printed copy, but some of us figured out a way to sign it on our iPhones and show it to the employees, which was a lifesaver. So as a future reference for any travelers going abroad, when you plan on coming back to the U.S., do not let anyone charge you too much for something you can present on your phone. The flight back was also eerily similar to my flight towards Spain since we were in a rush to reach our connecting flights with enough time since the airports are rather quite large in addition to the security checks. I thank my professors and the Education Abroad office for making my travel plans feel like a breeze, and I am delighted to be back home with my family and loved ones after being away.

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