Second and Final Week in España! Summer 2022

At this point in the trip, I found myself wanting to savor the final moments of the most memorable parts of Spain. Our trip held a design meant for two weeks, which truly forces people to make the most out of their present time abroad. I know I sure did because apart from our daily activities and the historical contexts of the city’s major landmarks we learned about, we were able to reserve time for ourselves and the close relationships we made with other classmates this week.

Week two held a lot of information about the culture in Spain as we visited a bullfighting arena and its consecutive museum. The experience changed my knowledge of what a bullfight consists of entirely. Our tour leaders really demonstrated the importance of the practice to the citizens of Spain, including people across Europe and Latin America. We were able to take a closer look at the country’s healthcare system and compare the differences between its structure here and back home in the United States. The realities of international travel during COVID-19 impacted our group, but it showed us how to take advantage of our situation and take care of one another. For me, it showed me to live in the moment for the rest of the trip and spend more time with my classmates in an effort to form more life-lasting friendships. We had two self-care days this week, which my closest pals and I spent at the beach and later at a music festival right in the middle of Alicante.

Apart from studying the aspect of the people’s health in Spain, we visited a bilingual private school and witnessed the extent of what happens there. At the school that day, we were able to interact with children of all ages and grade levels. Children attended the school named Valle from nursery school up until a baccalaureate level of schooling, which I found to be very interesting. I would have to say that this visit was my favorite of the trip because my future career interests focus on working with children. It was wonderful to see what sections of the learning curriculum Spaniards focus on for their students. For instance, they value teaching their students of all ages what emotional intelligence is and how to use it in any situation. Immersing myself into the Spanish culture of nightlife has been a new and unexpectedly fun experience. Nevertheless, I have not had to endure it alone. My roommate and I and any of the other girls who are willing to join us have been able to go out at nighttime and talk to the locals about their favorite spots to go to, and enjoy some drinks. Overall, being able to spend more time with my peers and relish in what Spain has to offer before our departure date is an experience I value greatly. I was even able to fit in some free time with our two amazing group leaders and drank some traditional Spanish horchata. All in all, this week was a bit more relaxing and much more pleasing, thanks to everyone around me.

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