Post 2: Busy Cities and Beautiful Beaches

After a long week of class, my boyfriend, his roommates, and my newly made friends decided to take a day trip to Milan, Italy. We booked a round-trip train and headed off to what I would say is the New York City of Italy. We saw many sights including the Duomo di Milano, Castello Sforzesco, and some surrounding parks. If you go to Milan be prepared for a lot of walking. We walked collectively over 12 miles. It was 92 degrees, so bring water. The designer shops were stories high and to die for. I was never interested in design before I came to Milan, but seeing all of it has really made designers grow in me. Overall though, besides the sights we saw, I was really underwhelmed by Milan. Maybe it is because I am familiar with cities and it was so crowded, but I feel like it was lacking something spectacular. On Sunday, my roommates and I visited Castiglioncello, a small rocky beach town on the west side of Tuscany in the province of Livorno. It was very beautiful and relaxing, especially after a long week of class, and an even longer day in Milan. All in all, my weekend was pretty good, and I am adjusting more to being abroad.

In regard to the fears I was feeling before, I did indeed get lost. However, walking towards big landmarks like the Duomo helped me regain where I was because I know my way home from them. It is mostly just finding something you recognize to ground yourself. I have been recognizing corner stores on my routes to class, and that helps. I also have made lots of friends who I can ask for help if I needed it.

Keep Ya Posted !! xoxo Tara

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