Post 2: First Week in Italy

First and foremost, my phone got stolen, so there won’t be as many photos in this post as I was hoping. I spent this week adjusting, beginning class, fighting jet lag and trying to communicate with my family. I’ve experienced a lot more anxiety on this trip than I thought I would, as much as I tried to prepare, but I’ve focused a lot of intentional energy on the people that I’m with and familiarizing myself with the environment. My roommates have been nothing short of amazing, helpful and kind, and it has made this experience much more meaningful. I checked off #1 on my list from the last post on the first night and had the most amazing chardonnay at dinner. I also bought a real Italian leather briefcase!! We went to Milan yesterday, I was honestly a little underwhelmed. I loved the train and the Sephora (where I bought a little too much makeup), but the main drag of the city was pretty packed and stressful. This week I’m hoping to focus on meditation, finding a routine and not spending as much money lol. We’ll see how I do!

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