Week 1: Navigating Through Florence

What an eventful first week it has been in Italy. Throughout this past week, I have explored much of Florence just by walking, averaging over 15,000 steps per day! There are two notable features about Florence that I underestimated: the unique architecture and the delicious food (both of which are photographed on the left). On orientation day, I took a tour around this beautiful city and my mind was blown by how delightful this city is. Two of my favorite buildings are the Duomo and the Santa Croce church; I have never seen anything like these before. The streets all across the city are filled with many people as well as many tall buildings. While this leads to the remarkable scenery of Florence, many of the streets look nearly identical, resulting in me getting lost quite often. Thankfully, Google Maps has come to the rescue numerous time in addition to my new friends. I have met new people from not only USF, but also other schools across the United States. Together, we are starting to get the hang of things by making note of certain places that we pass commonly and are hard to miss. Additionally, my roommates and I partook in a free food tasting tour around the city where we tried different types of sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, etc. I have also made some healthy dishes in my cooking class, “Food, Health, and Wellness”; I will be bringing these recipes home to share with my family. While my feet certainly hurt, I am ready to keep exploring! In the coming weeks, I plan on taking the train to visit some more awesome cities. Any guesses where my next adventure will be?

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