Week in Costa Rica

When I landed in Costa Rica at the San Jose airport, I was jolted awake by a rough landing and immediately looked out the airplane window to view the beautiful landscape. Navigating through the airport was easy and I quickly arrived outside the airport to about a hundred taxi drivers trying to get passengers. After walking through all the taxi drivers, I found our group and made my first in-person introduction to my fellow students. Once everyone arrived, we began our long drive through the mountains of Costa Rica to arrive in Monteverde at the El Establo Mountain Hotel. We stayed there for 2 nights and had a wonderful time.

Following our stay, we traveled back to San Jose to do the Britt Coffee Tour through the plantation and roastery. Our tour guide gave us some great information about how vital coffee has been to Costa Rica and the different kinds of coffee. They had great deals on coffee so I purchased some. The next day, we visited TEC University to learn about how students are engaging in entrepreneurship to bolster the economy in Costa Rica. Costa Rica values education and it was great to meet with students from a different country. Following this, we visited Gaia coffee. It was interesting to hear about the modified coffee plants and business model of this company. The next day, we toured San Jose, learning about the culture of Costa Rica, and then received a lecture from an economics student regarding the economy in Costa Rica. The following day, we visited a sugar factory and got to view the massive warehouse and manufacturing process. Later, we visited a gourmet food importer, this was my favorite because the owner gave us great knowledge. The next day, we visited The Peace Lodge at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. It was absolutely stunning because of the architecture, the number of animals, and the waterfalls. The following day, we visited MOOG, a medical device exporter, and PROCOMER, an agency in charge of promoting Costa Rican exportations of goods and services. On the final day, everyone’s favorite was visiting the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa.

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