A quick journey to Rome and Lucca.

On the fourth weekend of the trip, my friend and I went to Rome together. We took an early 7am train and arrived in Rome at about 8:30. I never been to Rome before, and only heard about it and also seen some pictures of it online, as well as the history of the city. I know that Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire, a powerful empire in the ancient time. There is a famous quote about Rome that I heard one time and still remember, it is “All roads lead to Rome”. The quote means that different methods of doing something will eventually achieve the same result. It based on the fact that all roads from the Roman Empire radiated from the city of Rome.

We visited the Vatican Museum; it was glamourous. I saw the School of Athens painting by Raphael and Creation of Adam painting by Michelangelo. I admire the paintings; they prove the talents of the artists. After the museum, we visited the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum. Words could not really describe the beauty of them, so I will just include pictures at the end.

The day after visiting Rome, some of my roommates and I went to Lucca. Lucca is a small city in the northwest of Italy, near Pisa. I never heard of this city before until my roommates told me about it. My first impression with Lucca is that the city is small, much smaller than the other cities I had been to in Italy. However, the city itself does not lack the history compared to the other cities; I saw churches and old, historic buildings everywhere. The city itself looks small and cozy. We did not do much but walked around and rented a bicycle to bike around the city. I had a really fun time.

The School of Athens painting inside the Vatican Museum.
St. Peter’s Basilica.
The Colosseum.
Roman Ruins near the Colosseum.

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