My courses during the trip.

I’ve been talking about travelling on my last three posts, it’s time to change the topic a little bit. In this blog I will be talking about my FUA courses. I took two classes during the trip. The first class was Italian Renaissance Architecture; I have the class every day from Monday to Friday, but it was only for the first three weeks. The second class was Food, Wine, and Culture; I have the class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the first two weeks. From the third week on, I only have class on Tuesday and Thursday.

Italian Renaissance Architecture was a very interesting class. I learned about different style of building in Europe: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, etc. I also learned about their characteristics, and the history of the architectures. During the class, we visited two historic places in Florence, Medici Palace and Church and Museum of Orsanmichele for the class’s field trip.

Food, Wine, and Culture was the most fun class I’ve had in a while. We did many things: meat and cheese tasting, wine tasting, gelato tasting, field trips to local shops and the central market, and cooking. We learned about the history and different types of cheese, meat, and wine. Gelato was absolutely delicious, way better than any American ice cream. The best thing is gelato shop is almost everywhere in the city, made it very easy to get gelato whenever I want. The central market is a must-go in Florence; they have variety of food, sweets, wines, etc. Everything there is homemade and delicious. I also learned some food recipes from cooking. Cooking during class was pretty fun; my professor made sure everyone has a task, and everyone worked together to cook amazing foods.

Overall, I enjoyed both of the classes I took during the summer in Italy. They helped me learn more about the culture, cuisine, and life of Italians.

The Duomo

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