Saving on Train Transportation

The main transportation to travel around Italy is by train. Trenitalia, Italo, and Thello are the three primary corporate brands, and they are high-speed trains, regional trains, and international trains.

For my weekend trips around Italy, I got a Eurail Italy pass for 8 days within a month before the journey began. And I’d say this pass is worth it if you’re going to travel long distances between cities because it has saved me a lot of money over buying one train ticket each time, which can cost more than 50 euros a ticket and that can add up quickly. Fortunately, I was able to purchase my Eurail pass on sale, which allowed me to save even more money, so keep a look out for sales! Remember to double-check your passenger’s option because the website will classify you as an Adult if you are 28 years old or older, but you should select Youth if you are 12 to 27 years old which will save you a few more dollars.

When traveling around with no fixed plans, the pass is about flexibility and being able to hop on and hop off trains when you want. So If you use a travel day from your pass, you can hop on as much train as you want and you have the ability to go with the flow throughout the day between the 24-hour time frame.

One feature of the Eurail Pass is that, depending on your destination, you will need to make an advance seat reservation for your travel day. You can book them online or at the customer service counter at the train station. Personally, I prefer to make a seat reservation online because most trains have limited seating capacity, and going to the train station on the day of the trip may result in all seats being sold out. Due to COVID, trains are limiting the number of seats available in order to avoid close contact.

Furthermore, the Eurail app is quite useful since it allows you to look up when and what time trains depart so you know when to board the next train and it allows you to fill in your trip plans, including where you want to go.

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