Last Few Weekend Trips

On my fifth weekend, my friends and I traveled to Rome and Vatican City. As all the major monuments were somewhat close and far, getting around Rome by metro would be the best way, but my friends and I decided to go on the electric scooter, which didn’t take that long since we knew how to use it. However, if some places were far, we would take a taxi and split it all between us.

When buying tickets for the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hills were included, so we were able to visit all three of the main attractions. First, we started off with the Colosseum and it was remarkable as its magnitude and design have been for centuries of the Ancient Roman Empire. Second, we visited the Roman Forum, where it features ruins of government buildings from the Roman and offers an insightful design of Roman architecture. Third, on our way to the Palatine Hills, we got to see a breathtaking view of Rome from the top along with the Colosseum. And of course, we had to visit the Trevi Fountain.

After exploring the jewels of Rome, we then visit Vatican City. Many of us were so excited to see the Creation of the Adam painting, so we rushed to the Sistine Chapel to see it first and explored the museum. We also wanted to visit the St. Peters Basilica, so we had to come back the next day. Even though it was Sunday, there were open. On that Sunday, the Pope came out of his window and greeted people, but I was not about to see him, sadly.

On my final weekend, my friend and I were planning on stay in Florence to explore and visit the museum that we haven’t done, but there was a change of plan. Surprisingly, I still didn’t visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so I had to go! Luckily, one of my friend went with me even though she had already gone.

Then the next day, we visited Milan. Once I walked out of the metro station, the majestic Duomo was right in front of my eyes. When you look at it there are so many statues on this cathedral and when you look very closely on top there is a golden statue right in the middle. While we were there, we visit the Milano Starbucks Reserve and of course, shopping, because Milan is the city of fashion.

At first we wanted to The Last Supper Painting by Da Vinci, but the ticket was sold out. When planning you trips, book your ticket before hand!

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