Six weeks down, it’s time to go

For my last and final adventures in Italy. I chose to go once gain to Pisa, to see the leaning tower. Even though i already saw it, it is still a beautiful sight to see. I didn’t climb it this time but I was able to get the perfect picture of me pushing it over. I did this trip with a friend I made while staying on this trip. It was her first time and I was more than happy to go with her and experience it all again.

I also visited Milan. Originally I was not going to but after seeing the attractions other peers were having, I just had to add it in to my free weekend. In Milan, after getting off the metro the first thing I saw when I walked out was the Milan Cathedral and she is BEAUTIFUL. This cathedral has so many small detail that make it unique. For example, at lunch we ate at a rooftop restaurant that overlooked the cathedral. Only then, did we notice how the cathedral looks as if various slabs of marble were stuck on it. Also, almost every corner/crevice has a statue in it. We also visited the Starbucks reserve. This attraction is famous because inside you can see how they roast the coffee beans and ship it out. It honestly looks like a Willy Wonkas Factory.

For dinner, we ate back in Florence at a restaurant called eataly, that my roommates and I wanted to try the entire time we were here. At this restaurant I was able to try Italian cola for the first time. Honestly, it tasted the same to me, but not as fizzy or that tangy-sweet residue thats left with regular coke. I also finally opted to order a pizza, after 6-weeks. News Flash, it was delicious!

I also chose to do all last-second museums during my last week. One big one on my list was Gucci Garden. I originally wanted to go because they sold marvel and DC comics but when I found out it was also a museum I just had to see it! My assumption is that these rooms are based off of Gucci themes.

During this last weekend, it began to become gloomy because I had to start packing and getting ready to leave. The realization began to hit that I would be leaving.

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