Half Way Through

In these three weeks, I was able to explore to Venice, Cinque Terre, and visit another country in Europe (France). During the first week, that I have arrive in Florence. I was able to explore to city a little more and find my way to class and places.

The second weekend in Venice, for the first day there, my friends and I did a gondola tour ride, where we were able to explore the famous sites and hidden charms through the narrow alleys and stone footbridges. It was absolutely an amazing and beautiful experience as Venice is known for the “City of Canals” or “Floating City”. After the gondola tour, I started to explore St. Mark’s Square that consists of multiple museums, St. Mark’s Basilica, Palazzo Ducale, and Campanile.

For the third weekend, my roommates and I planned a trip to Cinque Terre where we stayed at a village called Riomaggiore. Once, I got off the train ride, the view was phenomenal as you are surrounded by teal waters. While exploring Riomaggiore, I noticed that the scenery was similar to the Disney film “Luca” and it was! As “Luca” was based in a town on the Italian Riviera.

While in Cinque Terre, my roommate and I was just going to visit only two or three villages by hiking, but we weren’t able to hike, sadly, however, we got to visit all five of the villages. I am glad that we were able to simply just wander the villages and sight seeing all the color and beauty.

As the first three weeks of class is coming to an end, I took a trip to Paris with my friends as we were all really excited on the fourth week. When I first got there at 9 in the morning it was pretty chilly, but as we start the day it was getting really cold. We didn’t have much planned on the first day, so we decided to go on a hop-on and hop-off bus tour to have a better sight of the city and we decided to sit a the top with an open view. That wasn’t a good idea, as I was freezing to death!! But luckily, the tour bus was going on a route that has a block of shopping stores where we got off just to purchase a hoodie or sweatshirt for the day. In the next few days, the weather started to get warmer.

We had to visit the Louvre first as it is the most famous museum for being the home of Da Vinci’s masterpiece the “Mona Lisa”, since the Louvre was so big we got to see other impressive and spectacular collection of sculptures and artworks. And in Paris of course, I had to see the Eiffel tower! On the last day, my friends and I decided to climb the Eiffel Tower. We had to climb about 500 steps to get to the second floor and from the second floor to the top we took a lift where this tower stands at 324 meters tall! From the platform view, it was truly impressive as you can admire the whole city from the top.

See you soon for my second half, stay tuned!

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