On the weekend of the first week in Italy, I took a trip to Venice. I’ve never been to Venice before; I only saw a couple of pictures and videos of the place on the internet. I read online that the city was built on 118 islands in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon. The original settlers of Venice had to dig the canals and shore up the banks with wood pilings. The woods remained underwater for thousand of years and not decay faster due to scientific reasons. The city was built and remained that way for over a thousand years.

In my opinion, Venice is a very beautiful city. I arrived at the train city at 9PM, and it took an hour to get settled into my Airbnb. My friends and I went out to have late dinner, and we just barely arrived at the restaurant right before the kitchen is closed. Luckily, they let us dine there. We sat outside right next to the canal. The scenery was glamorous; it was during the Euro Cup, and people were watching soccer on the sidewalks and having fun. It was a fun night that I could not forget.

During my trip, I visited St. Mark’s Square. The square was fabulous, and one can feel the rich history just by being present. I visited every museum in the Square, and every one of them is the filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures. The last day, I went on the Gondola; it was absolutely amazing, and I was able to experience the “floating city”.

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