Bull Meets Sophie!

The first week I was in Italy, I met a group of girls that I hung out with for the rest of my time there. Their “roommate” was Sophie, although she never actually stayed with them. She traveled to Florence in January of 2021 and has stayed since then to continue her marketing internship. Since Sophie traveled in January, this was the peak of COVID-19 and she was forced to quarantine for two weeks. Even after that, the government was very strict about citizens leaving their homes, so she was required to have a pass to even go grocery shopping. As a study abroad student, this was tough to live through but she quickly adjusted.

Since she is basically a local now, she knows all the best spots in Florence and took us to a restaurant with the absolute best gnocchi. It is a large plate of potato gnocchi baked with truffle oil… and the best part is it is only six euros. There is no place in America with pasta or prices like that. The restaurant called “Osteria Santo Spirito” actually had a Florida license plate hung up on the wall as decoration that read “Toscana”, which is such a coincidence because my friends and I are all from Florida. Sophie invited us one night to her apartment, where she stays with her Sicilian boyfriend. We felt like locals because we were hanging out with Italians in a beautiful apartment. They were all so sweet and offered us drinks and snacks.

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