Back Home

It is my first full day back home in Naples, Florida and I am already feeling the post study abroad depression everyone talks about. Naples, Florida is where a lot of retired people move to so it is a quiet town and when my mom, sister, and I were driving last night, it was so empty. I thought, “I want to be back in busy Florence” where it is packed until two in the morning.

I am also having reverse culture shock because I now have a dryer, light switches at a normal height, and roomy bathrooms. I missed home, for sure. I arrived in Ft. Myers in time to attend my sister’s birthday dinner and she claims me being home was the best birthday gift. I missed my family and friends, and the last week I was in Florence, I definitely was ready to go home. What I also will miss is eating as much as I want of anything and not gaining weight because I walk at least three miles a day. I need to stop saying “grazie” and “ciao” to everyone in public, though.

In the Rome airport yesterday, I met Ross Lynch and his girlfriend, Jaz Sinclair, who are Netflix and Disney actors. It was so exciting as they were on the same flight as us. They told us they had been traveling around the south of France, Spain, and Italy for the last three weeks and were ready to go home, which we agreed to.

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