Italy, You Have My Heart Forever

It took me some time to feel ready to write this blog post, not only because I refused to acknowledge that my time in Italy was over, but also because I wanted to give myself some time to come down from my Italian dreams and really work through my feelings for this trip and country. Well, what can i say. Italy has stolen my heart.

My six weeks in Italy was not only the most fun I’ve ever had, but also the most euphoric learning experience that I’ll cherish forever. I learned things about myself, about life and my perspective is forever changed about things I never really thought about before. Two of my biggest takeaways are 1. I absolutely love learning and experiencing other cultures and 2. Italians really have this social/work life balance worked out. There’s just something special about having a long, exhausting day of classes and then realizing your day will be totally turned around when you go out to dinner with friends, around other groups of friends who also had long days but will end it sharing pasta and laughing like there’s no tomorrow while sitting right outside The Duomo. The social atmosphere of Italy is like no other. It feels warm and inviting, and it’s something that has changed my outlook on what I want my life to be like. Italy is just full of love. Love for a partner, for friends, family, food and just life.

That’s what Italy has done for me. A new found love for social interaction. Sharing your day, sharing laughs and sharing food with the people you love is so significant and we really don’t cherish it enough. For this trip, I am forever grateful.

Italy, I love you and I can’t wait to come back and experience you and your magic again. This also may or may not be my own love letter to Italy (it does give off that vibe).

one last time- deanna.

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