Solo Travel vs. Group Travel

Traveling can be an exciting, yet scary experience if you are doing it alone. Many students I have talked to said they would never go solo in Italy and would only make trips to other cities with a group. Every journey I have been on has been solo, except for my upcoming trip to Rome the night before I fly home. I personally love traveling solo because there are so many benefits.

Solo travel is perfect for an introvert. All alone doing everything one pleases with no restrictions to the wants or needs of others. I believe solo travel has so many great benefits such as being able to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, because this really gives you a chance to sit down with yourself and figure out who you are. Being in a foreign country alone can be intimidating, but this can also give you the chance to grow as a person and become more independent, confident, and sure in one’s self. Traveling alone has made me more confident, because you must force yourself to talk to strangers, especially when you are lost or need help finding something. Typically I am more quiet and prefer to avoid talking to others, but traveling on my own has helped me grow into a more confident person and I will forever cherish that. My favorite part about traveling solo was the opportunity to do everything I please on my own time. I felt like I had so much freedom to take my time with every activity and lunch/dinner I had. I also do not like being rushed so it was perfect for me to take it slow and give myself enough time to do everything I wanted when I visited other cities on the weekends.

Group travel has many benefits as well such as making new friends and experiencing things with others, but I would still prefer solo travel because I think it more laid back. You have new opportunities to get to know yourself better, especially in new places and situations, and you have the chances to learn to be more confident and go with the flow of things.

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