How to Balance School Work and Travel

Studying abroad might be a little stressful, because although you are in another country and spend your free time traveling, you still need to make time for your school work so you’re not cramming it in last minute. I believe the best way to balance school and traveling is to set boundaries for yourself. If you know you have a project or paper coming up soon, make sure you get those done first before you decided to plan a trip somewhere. I mainly traveled on the weekends, but before I would leave I would make sure I either gave myself enough time before the trip to work and study, or come home fairly early on Sunday’s. Many of my trips were more than just one day as well, so finding a balance of how much time you really need for your adventures will helps immensely. I always made sure I planned enough time to do as much as I could in a new city that way I could do everything I wanted to, but still take my time to enjoy those activities. Most of my trips ended on Sunday mornings which is when I would typically come home, but I usually made sure all of my work was done prior to my travel plans in order to give me the maximum amount of time to enjoy my trips. I decided to dedicate my weekdays to my school work and exploring the city of Florence, because there is already so much to do there, and that gave me plenty of time to ensure all my work was completed, and using my weekends to travel and explore. Dedicating certain days for traveling and school I think is the most important part of balancing between the two.

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