Expectation vs. Reality

Before traveling to Florence, Italy I tried not have too many expectations, because I feel like if you set too many expectations you can disappoint yourself. I decided to let myself go with the flow of things and fully throw myself into the experience of living in another country for 6 weeks. I still had a few expectations such as being closer to my classes and school facilities. In reality though, my apartment was about 7-15 minutes away from both of the schools’ facilities which I was not expecting. Now, I don’t mind the walking, but at first I was shocked I would have to walk so much everyday. I’ve been walking almost 10,000 steps almost every single day which was something I definitely didn’t expect. When I make weekend trips to other cities I usually end up walking almost 20,000 steps everyday! I had no idea I would be getting so much exercise.

Another expectation I had was that the classrooms would be similar to classrooms in American schools, but they were extremely different. I took a baking techniques class which required us to work in a real kitchen, when I assumed it would be similar to a typical baking class you take at any studio with a small room. Another class I took was in a room without normal desks and chairs. The room had couches instead, which are nice and comfortable for the most part, but it was very different from a typical classroom. Overall the few expectations I had did not make a damper on my experience because I still tried my best to throw myself into the whole experience and be open to new ways. of living my everyday life. I think it is better to go into new situations with little expectations in order to fully immerse yourself in the experience and really learn from it. You also avoid being disappointed and angry and force yourself to live more in the moment.

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