Cinque Terre Trip

This past Saturday, my friends and I decided to travel to Cinque Terre for the day. Cinque Terre reminded me and my friends of Positano because during these two trips, we swam. Since we were born and raised in Florida, we have missed swimming and laying out in the sun because it is nostalgic and reminds us of home. We had quite an adventure getting here but we made it and ended up staying past the time our train was supposed to leave because of how beautiful it was.

When we went to the train station the day prior to buy our train tickets to and from La Spezia, the ticket lady had failed to inform us that the train would be leaving from the other Florence train station. The morning we had to leave, we were unable to find our train on the board and the information stand told us it was leaving soon…from a different station. This had stressed us out but we bought later train tickets and went to get American breakfast from a restaurant nearby.

Our train ride went well until we got off at the stop right before ours. We took a taxi to our stop and finally arrived at the beach where we had a blast. We swam half the time we were there, and laid out in the sun the other half – it was wonderful. Since pesto originated in Cinque Terre, we ordered gnocchi pesto for lunch, which was amazing. We were thrilled to have arrived safely, although late, in a gorgeous city.

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