A Bittersweet Last Week

Since this is my last week in Florence, I am stuffing myself with as much gelato and pasta my stomach can take. Although I will miss walking everywhere and taking weekend trips, I am ready to go home and see my family and friends. During this study abroad trip, my roommate and I have found the best gelato and panini shops that are not the basic, tourist-y places. My favorite gelato shop is ChoccoLatte and my favorite panini shop is Panini Toscani. I always choose the banana gelato and biscotti gelato in a cone. The day I first tried this combination, it reminded me of my sister because she loves banana gelato. Later that day, she sent me a picture of the ice cream she had and she chose the banana and cookies combination. Great minds think alike. 

As I am reminiscing on the last six weeks I spent in Italy (an absolute dream), I realize I would not do anything differently. I visited every museum I wanted to go to, traveled to every city that intrigued me, and ate as much Italian food I could have. I am beyond grateful to have traveled to the city of Florence with so much history and tourist destinations, and for finding local spots. 

I have made so many good friends and met so many other students from my college and others. My classes have helped me further my education and helped me continue my pre-dental career. This was a trip I will definitely remember forever.

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