Creating Lasting Memories – Making Friends while Abroad

Before leaving the country, one of my biggest concerns was how I would get along with the other students whom I would have to spend an entire month with. Although I am generally not an antisocial person, I still get nervous about meeting large numbers of new people. With a field school of nearly 60 participants, this was no exception. At my first layover in Chicago, I overheard a small group of people conversating about archaeology and immediately knew that these were members of my field school. I slipped into the conversation and quickly learned that a shared interest in anthropology, archaeology, and biology was enough to form friendships.

A key factor which assisted in making friends while abroad is the fact that I spend a majority of my time interacting with the other students. The only time I am away from people within my program is when I am in my bedroom. During my trench work, dining times, and weekend field trips, I am constantly surrounded by my peers. This brings each of us closer to one another as we are living through the same experiences. It is important to remember that while you may be nervous to socially interact with others on a field school, they may also be feeling similarly.

For the third and final weekend of the trip, we were allowed to visit whichever town we wished. I chose to visit the city of Sighisoara and invited some of my friends to stay at an Airbnb. The friends that joined me on this trip were some of the people I share a trench with at the archaeological site. Oftentimes to keep ourselves entertained while working in the trenches, we speak to each other about philosophy, pop culture, books, and music. We have vocally created renditions of various classic rock and alternative songs in which we have jokingly stated that we should create our own band.

In Sighisoara we visited various history museums, tried authentic Romanian cuisine, and interested ourselves to the many local vendors and stores that can be found within the beautiful medieval city of Sighisoara. The pictures I have associated with this post are of myself and my trench members, MJ, Anna, and Ryan, visiting this charming city. We had a blast, and I am so grateful for this experience.

I will greatly cherish the memories I have created as well as the friendships I have made. I hope to maintain my friendships via social media and eventually meet up with some of those who live near me to revel in our archaeological studies. I am glad for the many unexpected friendships I have made during my trip to Romania.

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