Meet Huba!… and his Cetero

The Hinto Panzio is a beautiful bed and breakfast that offers some of the best meals in Odorheiu with homey room accommodations. While the proximity to downtown Odorheiu is very attractive, the true lure of this hotel is the family who runs it.

Huba, the nephew of the owner, helps with serving dinner and entertaining the guests with anecdotes and music. Although he is only twelve years old, his maturity, humor, and musical ability are far beyond his age. He speaks fluent English as he spent much of his life living in Colorado, however he grew up in Romania and has lived here for the past two years. As a young member of the Hungarian, Szekler population, he is passionate about his cultural heritage and folk practices.

Huba is a part of a folk group which plays the Hungarian musical instrument known as the cetero. They perform and practice on weekends, often playing soldier songs that merge Szekler history and tradition. After playing a solo concert for the entire hotel, Huba joined me in conversation about music. He mentioned that his favorite songs to play on the cetaro are the fastest ones. He also informed me that his group can be found online via YouTube. The video attached to the blog is of my front row seat to his hotel concert. I greatly enjoyed this experience and the knowledge Huba had to offer about his folk music.

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