Two Types of Travel: Solo vs Group

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A solo trip I took to San Gimignano

My friends and I walking through the streets of Lucca

So far in my study abroad experience I’ve had the chance to travel to various different towns around Italy. One of the best parts of traveling while abroad is doing it with friends and fellow peers. Traveling in a group can be a very different experience from traveling alone. As someone who loves to travel, I personally enjoy traveling in any way. However, each form of traveling can have its own pros and cons that can be more adequate for different people.

Traveling in a group is a great way to not only see new places but also spend time with friends. Some of the most memorable memories I have come from traveling with friends. In my experience group travel tends to be more fun and dynamic than traveling alone. Traveling in a group can also be easier for people who do not want to make an itinerary, but simply want to follow a group. There are also activities that are more fitted for groups, such as kayaking or bus tours. However traveling in a group has its own limitations. For example, traveling in a group can be more limiting for people who like to explore off-the-beaten-path areas. Traveling in a group also requires one to make an itinerary beforehand. It is difficult to improvise a trip with a large group of people. Finally, traveling in groups can be exhausting for people who might need some alone time to relax while traveling.

Solo travel is a good way to discover new places and really immerse yourself somewhere without distractions. I personally think that solo travel is more suitable for people who want to explore every corner of a town or every inch of a trail. Traveling alone might sound boring to some, but for others it can be relaxing and calm. When traveling alone, one does not have to worry about keeping up with a group or following a set itinerary. Because of this, I think traveling alone can be better for those who are more independent and like more quiet time. I also prefer traveling alone when I want to relax, listen to some music, and wander the streets of wherever I’m visiting.

I highly recommend both types of travel and hope that everyone tries doing both sometime in their travel experiences.

— Samuel M.

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