Top 3 Panini Shops in Florence!

Everyone loves a good panini, and in Florence there are panini shops on almost every corner, much like the gelato shops! A few of these panini shops are very touristy, but I have come across a few local ones as well that are just as good, if not better than the ones everyone else flocks too.

#3 on my list would be All’Antico Vinaio. You can expect to wait anywhere from 10-30 minutes in line in front of this famous panini shop. They are so busy that they’ve even opened up a replica right across the street, and opened multiple ones around the city. A panini here will cost you about €6, which could be considered a little bit high on the price scale for paninis. Typically they can range from €4-7 euros. At All’Antico Vinaio you will receive a giant panini which can make the price worth it. I have even split a panini in half and had it for two meals, that’s how big it is! They have a decently sized menu with at least 10 different panini options, as well as a smaller list of their most popular sandwiches.

The next best panini place on my list is Panini Toscani. This panini shop is very special in my opinion because if you have never been there before, they will let you try all their meats and cheeses in order to ensure you are getting exactly the sandwich you want with no surprises. They have four different types of pecorino cheese and the typical meats such as prosciutto and salami, along with a wide variety of different breads and vegetables. A panini here will also cost you about €6. This panini shop is also located right next the famous Duomo which is a wonderful view to have while consuming a delicious Florentine panini.

Last but definitely not least is my #1 favorite panini shop that I actually stumbled upon on accident while leaving the Boboli Gardens. Pitti Express had the best panini I have had in Florence, and in all of Italy. The bread was so fresh and crunchy and ingredients they used were so fresh and delicious. I took a risk by ordering the panini with spicy salami and spicy sauce, which ended up having just the perfect amount of spice and was seriously the best panini I have had. The best part is that their paninis are only €4! You might be thinking, “oh, only €4, it’s probably a lot smaller than the other ones!” But, to my surprise the panini was just as big as the other ones I have tried! This panini shop was definitely not a tourist attraction, but I think it works incredibly well in their favor because they do not sacrifice any ingredients and everything is very fresh, as well as a fairly cheap option for those on a budget.

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