A Switzerland Guide

For my fourth weekend in Italy, my friends and I decided to take a tour that traveled from Milan to the city of Como and Switzerland. This weekend was absolutely unreal as the views were breathtaking. I was astonished. We stayed at a gorgeous Airbnb in Milan and met up with our tour guide early Saturday morning and our first stop was Lugano that overlooked Lake Lugano in Switzerland. The view was one you would see in a painting. We explored around the town, bought Swiss chocolate, tried the Swiss cheese (which was very good, of course), and discovered a garden. This stop was my favorite thing we did all weekend, even though the rest was also amazing.

Our next stop was Como that overlooked Lake Como where we took a boat tour to see beautiful views and villas of famous movies and actors. Yes, I did see the Star Wars villa – it was very pretty as one would expect. It was our friend’s birthday and our tour guide surprised our table with a tiramisu dessert, which was very cute. We took the coolest photos I have ever had taken of myself – all thanks to the views. After the tour on Saturday, we explored Milan a little more and even had drinks at the infamous Aperol Spritz bar! Then, for dinner, I tried spaghetti and clams for the very first time, which I was very impressed by. Milan was wonderful.

On Sunday, we traveled back to Lake Como and we dipped our feet in the lake but did not swim because the water was too cold and there was a breeze outside. It started pouring soon after we changed into our swimsuits and even hailed. It was an experience but it is a good thing we had umbrellas. Milan, Lake Como, and Lugano were absolutely amazing.

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