Go Italia!

Soccer, something that everyone knows Italy is very well known for and lucky for me I got to be here during the Euro Cup where Italy happened to be in the finals. I didn’t get to see any of the other games as I must admit being here has been one busy day to the next, which means on top of my Organic Chemistry class I sadly had to sit out other games. For the final, which included Italy, of course, I had to make time.

I’m not quite sure how, but a couple of other people who I am studying abroad with managed to find a sort of outdoor party which was being held in order to watch the finals. Getting there required a little bit of work (as figuring out the bus system took my friend and I quite some time) but it was all worth it. It seemed as though only locals knew of this outdoor party, meaning we got to really experience the love and passion this country has for soccer. Everyone was on the same page, disappointed gasps and happy screams all sounded in complete unison. I have to admit, (I will never let an Italian know this information) I am not a huge fan of soccer, which in turn meant I enjoyed the food while there and company of my friends, as well as the overall environment of the tenseness as well as joy of everyone around me.

We all know that Italy won (yay), which means of course after the game, celebrations followed. Other than screams, and green and red smoke, fireworks were also shot. It felt like a movie scene, truly. Standing in the back and being able to see everyone scream and cheer while lights were all around.


Not only was the game itself fun, but so was the way home. Nothing but car horns and screaming could be heard the entire hour walk home. Every time someone drove past us a honk would be heard and we would yell back in response. It was truly something fun to be a part of. After finally almost being home buildings could be seen lit up in the Italian flag, which was beautiful to see. Now I know, not everyone will be in Europe during the Euro Cup, but all I can say is if you are, definitely put in an effort to go out to a viewing of a game at least once.

One of many buildings.

See you next time – Celina

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