Bull Meets… Champion!

The day of the Euro Cup, we had just gotten back from Rome, but my friends and I were still decked out wearing royal blue to represent team Italia! We planned to go to a watch party at the River Urban Beach. Unfortunately, we needed tickets for entry into the restaurant area, but this worked in our favor because we had way more fun watching from along the Arno River bridge.

In front of us were Italians who loved soccer so much they screamed and sang the whole time, which was very enjoyable for us. We sang along when they were singing the classic chants. Each time the Italian team scored, the crowd around us, and us with them, would go wild. Even minutes after they scored, everyone would still be screaming and waving their Italian flags around.

During the commercials, the Italians around us introduced themselves and talked with us. One man named Raul used to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers when he was younger so he loves playing and watching baseball. Although it is hard to keep up with because of the time difference, he said he looks recorded games up on YouTube when he wants to catch up with how they are doing. He was wearing a red baseball cap that read “America’s Team” on it and actually gave it to my friend when he found out we were American.

I enjoyed watching the Euro Cup and watching Italy win in their home country while being surrounded by locals. It was an experience of a lifetime.

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