Bulls Meet… Fabio

On our hunt for great Italian eats, my friends and I stumbled upon Bistrot Giulio. Great food, even better location but really it’s the service that kept us going back. Specifically Fabio. Throughout our time in Florence, we came to realize how popular Fabio was among study abroad students. He seemed to know everyone and everyone surely knew him and his amazing personality. In six weeks, and numerous trips to Giulio’s Bistrot, we got to learn more about Fabio and who he really is.

Fabio is 21 and originally from Albania, but moved to Italy at age 8. He grew up in Florence and didn’t have the easiest time adjusting to life in Italy but that never changed his ability to be positive and kind to everyone he comes across. Fabio tends to work 6/7 days a week but doesn’t mind too much as he enjoys doing his job and meeting new people especially international students, as we’re able to give him perspective on our daily lives in other countries. Outside of work, Fabio likes to go out with friends, LOVES football and like any guy his age, playing video games.

Anyone who has met Fabio will be able to tell you he’s genuinely a great person. He’s saved my friends and I when we had no reservations for the night and every restaurant seemed to be packed, and gave us inside scoop on where to go to have fun or see local gems. I can honestly say he made my study abroad experience that much better and I would encourage anyone to stop by and say hi, you wont regret it.

See you soon -deanna.

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