Three weeks go, Three to go

For the third week of adventures, my roommates and I traveled to the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii. Before traveling though, during the week before class I took a trip to Boboli Gardens. This Garden has a beautiful view of the city of Florence, but the upward sloped climb to get to it was rough.

I enjoyed the Amalfi Coast because it was so pretty and bright there. When I first got there, it was 11 pm at night so my first view was of the nightlight along the mountains. It was still a beautiful sight to see. But, waking up in the morning being able to see the mountains around me was amazing and so serene. Also, Amalfi Coast lemons are humongous, but their lemon pasta was magnificent. The pasts was light and refreshing with a hint of lemon. If I could eat it everyday, I most definitely would! Also in Amalfi, we went to various grottos on a boat ride tour. During this boat tour, we got a full tour of Capri and learned all about their history. We learned how some grottos are sometimes not accessible because of the rising tides. The Amalfi coast beaches are not what I was used to. The ‘sand’ is actually like rocks and that’s how they get the grayish-black color. It did hurt my feet to walk on them, when trying to swim. also, it was very hot out, so being able to jump into the cold water was refreshing. The water was so clear and light blue.

Pompeii was also a wonderful experience, aside from the blistering sun and heat. In Pompeii, we did a tour of the original city of Pompeii. We were able to see the temples dedicated to Gods, and various houses of various residents. Fun fact, scientists were able to do CT scans of the original inhabitants of the city of Pompeii that were buried, and discovered they had perfect teeth.

My ceramics class is coming to an end this week. I have successfully made a vase, a mug, and carved a design (sgraffito) into a plate. I also learned that in order to foster my creative nature, i must let my childlike genius for wonder be set free.

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