One week down, Five to go

I’ve finally made it to Italy!

The first challenge I had was figuring out how to read my train ticket. The train tickets do not state your destination, but the final destination of the train. Also it does not tell you the track number or have the printed time. Therefore you have to remember the time of your train and find out what track it’s on by the train number in the top right corner of the train ticket. Also some trains require a seat reservation. If this is one you have, the train ticket will have a picture of a train car with a number under it (do not mistake this for the track number like I did) and the seat number in the next box over.

Another challenge I had was trying to find a suitable phone company with the most benefits for what I need during my stay. There are three main companies in Italy that FUA recommends; Vodafone, TIM, and wind. I opted for TIM. Before, coming to Italy I got my phone unlocked so I could get an Italian SIM card with an Italian number.

One thing you will have to get used to are late dinners. Italians usually eat dinner around 8 pm. If you were hungry you would get aperitivo, which is usually a drink, with a small appetizer, and a small entree.

For the first adventure I went on, I traveled to Pisa after orientation. It was an amazing experience to see and climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the square of other attractions as well. It was also really fun to try the Italian drink of the summer; Aperol Spritz . Aperol Spritz is an Italian cocktail that is wine-based. It consists of prosecco, Aperol and soda water. The leaning tower of piza has 294 steps. Climbing this tower was very hard on my legs because not only is it marble flooring (so it’s slippery) it is also at a slope

I had a great first week in Italy, and will have to get used to being in a real walking city. Also, on my way to class I get to walk through a plaza with a replica statue of David and various other replicas, the Santa Croce cathedral, a grandiose fountain, AND the Duomo.

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