How to save money while traveling abroad!

As college students we know what it’s like to worry about finances. Traveling can be fairly expensive, but if you know how to budget and find good deals, you can make traveling a breeze. One of the best way I discovered how to save money while traveling in Italy was the Eurail pass. This train pass allows me to travel all over Italy and was fairly cheap compared to what it would cost buying a train ticket every time I wanted to go somewhere. The Eurail pass also gives you the option of choosing how many days you want to buy within a given amount of time, for example mine is 8 days within a month, and you can travel as often as you want on those 8 travel days. This pass saved me hundreds of dollar on train tickets and they even give you a youth discount if you are under 27 which cut the price down a lot as well!

Another great way to save money while traveling is finding reasonably priced food. I’ve noticed that the more I walk around Florence, the more restaurants I find that advertise amazing lunch deals for fairly cheap. Some places even advertise that they give student discounts which you wouldn’t normally find out if you were searching for cheap restaurants online. Some local favorites can also be fairly cheap, even if they are somewhat touristy, you just have to know where to look! Some of the most famous panini places such as All’Antico Vinaio have monstrous paninis for only €6! You definitely get your moneys worth because the panini could honestly be two meals for some people, like myself.

Traveling can be expensive, but doing you’re research before hand can help you find deals on traveling and food which can make your study abroad/vacation stress free and save you a pretty penny!

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