Two weeks down, Four to go

For my 6 weeks, my first 3-weeks I am taking a beginner’s ceramics course. I am super excited for this course because we will be making a vase, mug, and plate that we will be able to take home and use! We will be able to learn how to make it by hand without a wheel, learn how to glaze and the different kinds, as well as how to use a kiln. In this course we will also learn how to make our objects through different techniques such as coiling and slabs. We will also learn different design techniques such as sgraffito.

During this second week I was also able to visit the Uffizi museum which is where the Birth of Venus painting is housed. This museum has beautiful paintings on the ceilings, as you walk through each section is different from the one before and after. the Uffizi museum is in the Palazzo degli Uffizi which means the “Palace of Offices”. It is also only a 5-minute walk from my apartment! Also the very next day, I visited the accademia gallery. In this museum, is where the Statue of David is housed. Made by Michelangelo.

For the second adventure I went on, I traveled to Venice. It was an amazing experience to see and partake in a gondola ride. This ride took us on a main route around the entire city. We were able to see the the square and the rialto bridge on this ride. I was also able to visit the Doge’s Palace as well as walk across the Bridge of Sighs. A fun fact I learned was that Venice has no nightlife, no cars, and no scooters. They all get around by walking or boat.

We also walked to the Michelangelo plaza to watch the sunset. To get to this plaza the walk was a mixture of flat terrain, sloped terrain, as well as stairs. I am still not used to being in a walking city! I average about 7-9 miles a day.

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