Where to study in Florence

Ciao! While exploring Italy is so much fun, there are times that we must focus on our studies. In this blog, I will show y’all my favorite areas where I study. Here, I will highlight favorite library Biblioteca delle. This library is managed perfectly, meaning it allows all persons to focus on their studies and their work. I must note that I write this blog in the middle of the pandemic, so there could be policy differences soon.

The Biblioteca delle Oblate is a much smaller library, but it has all the amenities one could want. The Oblate is located in Via dell’ Oriuolo, 24, 50122 Firenze FI. From the Duomo, it is a 2-minute walk. If you want to walk in to just check it out, you can go to the check-in desk and let them know that you want to go to the ‘Café’, they will let you go through. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find a spot to study since you must make a reservation. To make a reservation, you need to get a library card- Don’t worry, it is very easy to get one! To get your library card, you need your passport, some personal information, and a euro coin (I’ll explain in a bit). Simply ask the greeter “Posso avere una tessera della biblioteca, por favore?” It means “Can I please get a library card?” Then, they will guide you to the children’s library where you’ll re-ask the question. The person in charge will give you a form that you must fill out. Once they have all your information, they’ll give you the library card. With this, you can go to the front desk and reserve a study space either inside or outside- you’ll get to pick. Most of the time I choose to sit inside since it has fantastic AC. Once you go to the right room, you will be asked to place your belongings in a locker (here is where you’ll need the euro coin). Take what you need and place the rest in the locker. For you to properly secure your belongings, you need the euro coin, or the locker key won’t come out. Please note that when you take your stuff out of the locker, you’ll get your euro back. One last thing, in Italy, study groups are not that common so don’t plan to come and study with a large group where you can chat and learn together. This library is meant to stay quiet.

I highly recommend visiting this spot for a quiet study area and to truly feel like an Italian college student!


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