Seoul, South Korea- Grocery Stores

Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about the various grocery stores that are in Korea that I frequented. When I first came to Korea, I was unsure about which stores I should shop at or what they offer. In order to help others who plan to attend Yonsei University avoid this problem, I decided to highlight the most famous and prominent grocery stores in Seoul.  

Lotte Mart

Near Seoul Station, there is a large Lotte Mart. The store contains a wide selection of items and sells many gifting products as well. The best thing about the Lotte Mart is that it is contains many other stores inside it. On the first floor there is also a Daiso so you can buy items like pots, stationery, and other things. On the second floor there are places like Muji and Uniqlo meaning clothes can be purchased as well.


Living in the dorms at Yonsei University, Emart was the most convenient grocery store to go to as there is one at Sinchon station. There are two ways to enter the store: from the exit of the train station or by entering the department store right next to it and taking the escalator down. This Emart has three levels that are connected by escalators. One level contains fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Another level has frozen and refrigerated goods while the last one has meal solutions and snacks. The thing I found most beneficial about Emart is its selection of No Brand items. No Brand is a company that creates a lot of useful devices and tools like irons, steamer, tea kettles, fans, etc. Being a college student and having to buy items to make living comfortable in the dorm, these items were very useful. Outside the store there are places that sell food and boba which can be taken on your way out.

Home Plus

Home Plus is my favorite grocery store in Seoul. The one closest to Yonsei University is about a 20-minute ride by bus or train. The store is located underground and has two main entrances. Inside the store there are different fast-food restaurants like Lotteria that customers can eat at or grab something to go. The reason that I liked Home Plus because it offers not only groceries, but other items as well. Here you can find luggage, bed sheets, clothes, pots for cooking, electronics, etc. This is unlike the other grocery stores on this list. Both Emart and Lotte Mart only sell food groceries. Coming from Florida where most of the grocery stores, like Walmart and Target, sell many other items besides food, this was quite a shock. Discovering Home Plus made me feel more at home and offered me a greater selection. They also offer chips and snacks from the US as well.

While these are not grocery stores, I would also like to mention convenience stores as a place to buy items. Being that they are open 24 hours a day and many can be found in one block, this is the best place to go to grab small, last minute items.    

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