From Busy Florence to Relaxing Trips

Week two as well as most of three went by in a breeze in this busy place. Finally having settled in means I have had time to explore a little more and finally take some pictures of me exploring Italy. I have so far made it to Venice as well as Rome. The weekend in Venice felt like a “break” from the busy feel that Florence has to offer. When walking through the streets of Florence to class you will encounter people upon people as well as a lot of cars. I must say since I have been here I have learned that every street, no matter how small or busy it may seem, is actually a road and you’ve got to keep an eye out. So being in Venice was a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to unwinding. The train ride was filled with beautiful views and once there every turn was breathtaking. I have to say though, without navigation I would probably get lost in Venice as many alleyways will not lead you where you desire to go. Venice is simply relaxing compared to Florence’s busy flow and you’ll see water views at every turn.  Of course, we also took a gondola while there and had to hop on a little boat ride, which I highly recommend. Overall our stay in Venice has been my favorite place to see thus far.

The gondola ride.

While in Venice my friends and I met a Venice native who had a boat he rented out and of course, we couldn’t say no to the opportunity. Talking with him was quite fun as he seemed to be a very free spirited and fun person. While on the boat he offered each of us to sit at the wheel of the boat for a little photo opportunity which was quite fun. Speaking with him made me realize how warm and welcoming as well as funny most Italians are.

Me “driving” the boat.
A grainy picture of him helping me out of the boat.

My next trip was to the beautiful city of Rome, who’s street views, in my opinion looked straight out of a movie. The overall city had a “vibe” that makes you feel as though a walk down the street to do the most simple thing is something extremely magical

Beautiful street view of Rome.

Of course we visited the colosseum as well as the Trevi Fountain (which can be seen in the main cover image of this post). While in the colosseum I learned so many new things I didn’t know about by our tour guide that I highly suggest taking one if ever there. The Trevi fountain simply was so overwhelmingly stunning that I actually plan on going again before leaving. Overall I must say that once adjusted to living here it has become easier to juggle class alongside seeing as much of Italy as possible and I cannot wait to see more of it.

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