See You Again Florence!

After spending 8 amazing weeks studying and traveling in Florence, it was time to go back home to Tampa Spending so much time in a city abroad gave me a new perspective of Italians, new friends, and marvelous memories.

During my time in Florence, I learned how welcoming Italians are to foreigners. I felt very welcomed from the different restaurants I went, to the various train stations. One of my favorite memories is with a server named Fabio and every time my friends and I went to his restaurant he would always give us the best service and sometimes he would even play our favorite American music. Another time I felt welcomes was when I was at a train station, and I was a bit lost I asked a person nearby for help with my butchered Italian and they easily knew what I was talking about and walked me to the correct platform I needed to go to. Interacting with different people in a new environment was very eye-opening. I was able to adapt quickly and knew I was able to receive help if necessary.

During my time in Florence, I was able to keep an open mind about the possibility of taking a gap year after I graduate next year to teach English abroad. The European transportation system was very easy to understand after a couple of uses and there is always the option to fly. i am very thankful I was able to attend this trip where I made great USF friends and memories with the locals. For now, I plan on keeping the thought of teaching English abroad in the back of my mind for now.

Thank you again USF sponsors for allowing me to take this trip, i will never forget these memories.

see you next time! Ciao! 🙂

Venice, Italy.
Cinque Terre, Italy

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