Top 3 Gelato Spots in Florence

Gelato was one of the first things I was excited to try when I arrived in Italy. I knew gelato had been invented in Italy, but I had no idea it was such a staple in Florence until I wandered around and found a gelato shop on what seemed to be every corner of the city. I have visited many of these shops but I have determined my top 3 favorite gelato spots based on taste, selection, and price.

Starting with #3 is Gelateria Choccolatte. The price for a small cup of gelato was €2.30 which is a fair price and similar to most other gelato shops in the city. They had a smaller selection of flavors with some being biscotti, pastry cream, chocolate, and vanilla. I try to be adventurous when trying new places so I tried the biscotti and pastry cream. The pastry cream was delicious and my favorite out of the two flavors, but biscotti was good as well, I just like the pastry cream one better.

#2 was Vivoli which is actually one of oldest gelaterias in Florence. A small cup with 2 flavors was €2.50 which was slightly higher than Gelateria Choccolatte, but they had a wider selection of flavors and many of them flavored with liquor such as rum, amaretto, and limoncello. I chose the limoncello and macadamia nut and both were phenomenal.

My #1 pick is actually the first gelato shop I tried when I arrived to Florence, and I have yet to find one as good as it. #1 is La Carraia which is also one of the oldest gelateria’s in Florence and highly recommended. A price for a small two flavor cup was only €2.00. I have yet to find a place with a cheaper price but honestly, the price, selection, and taste took the cake on this shop. They had flavors such as pistachio (my favorite), black cherry, ferrero rocher, nutella, and so many more. I chose pistachio which had the richest, natural pistachio flavor, and ferrero rocher which was decadent and really tasted like a ferrero rocher. Another day I got black cherry and ferrero rocher and it was the best combination.

If you ever have the chance to wander around Florence I highly suggest you visit these 3 gelato shops and experience the wonders of homemade Italian gelato.

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