My FUA Courses

My first week in Italy has passed by so quickly, and I still can’t believe that I’m studying in this stunning city of Florence! During my time at Florence University of Art, I am taking two classes called “Baking Technique I” and “Food, Wine, and Culture in Italy” and as I walk to class every day I get to see the view of the Duomo di Firenze, so beautiful!


So far in Baking Technique I, I’ve learnt how to properly handle equipment, employ mixing and cooking methods, identify different types of flours, and describe the characteristics of bitter and its operations. We learned how to produce butter using only cream during one of our lesson experiences. I really had no idea that cream could be used to make butter, however you must whisk the cream for a long time till the water appears, and the butter that’s trapped inside the whisk, will be the butter.

P.S. prepare to stand for 2 hours and half in this class! My feet got so sore!!

For my second class, Food, Wine, and Culture in Italy we got to learn more about the melting pot of Italy. On the first day, I learned about the history of Italy, as well as local traditions and habits. We had the opportunity to visit the central markets over the next few days and tried salami and six different samples of bread.

(I forgot to take a picture! I’m so sorry!! But I’ll definitely add more in my next one!!!)

Tammy Huynh ^◡^

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