A New Beginning in Italy

Ciao everyone! My name is Alexandra Berrios and I am one of the Latino Passport Study Abroad Scholarship recipients. Initially, I was a little hesitant on doing these weekly blog posts as I am more of a research-writer type of person. However, I think it will be really cool to look back and reminisce on old memories. So here is my version of a photo dump but in writing form. To introduce myself, I am a first-year student majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Some of my favorite hobbies include painting, swimming, and traveling above all. I love to learn about different cultures, languages, and try unique food dishes. I probably should have minored in Culture and Communication studies but there is something about reading people’s behavior/mind that manages to keep me up late at night watching unsolved crime documentaries. One of the biggest items on my bucket list is to go to Europe. So, I decided to go study abroad in Florence, Italy for a total of six weeks this upcoming Summer (session B). Originally I opted to take the science-based class options but, I soon realized that the classes being offered via the psychology program were more intriguing. I choose Forensic Psychology and Abnormal Psychology as my final course options. Some of the things I am looking forward on this trip is the amazing architectural views and the cultural diversity I will come across. The city of Italy examines human development as influenced by sociocultural and environmental factors. I want to witness firsthand the interplay between different people and cultures as I explore Florence, a place that offers a unique blend of Italian, American, and other cross-cultural influences. Amongst other things, Florence is noted for the influence on the arts and politics. Although my time at the city will be spent studying, part of the experience is to go beyond the scope of your career field. While majoring in art history is not on my checklist, I do feel like visiting museums and recognizing some of the most notable artworks may spark an inner interest of mine that I never knew I had. Lastly, gaining all these new abilities and knowledge will allow me to use it in my future profession. Time is ticking before I depart to Italy and I couldn’t be more excited to see what this summer has in store for me. See you there on my next blog post, stay tuned!

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