When going abroad, creating a set budget is very important to stay on top of your personal finances. Here are a few tips on saving money abroad…


If you have the luxury of having a kitchen in your place of stay, cooking is great way to stay on a budget. In Florence, there is a great grocery store called Conad which is the equivalent to Walmart back in the states. I went to Conad plenty of times to get the basic essentials like water bottles, toilet paper, napkins, premade pasta, bread, etc. and sometimes I would want to splurge and get slices of fresh meats and cheese slices.

Mercury raising for Savills IM's Italian retail fund | Online | Property  Week
CONAD, a popular superstore in Italy.


If you and friends are planners and like to plan ahead of what adventures you all want to do for the week, set yourself a budget to stay within for each adventure. Sometimes, there’s no way around set prices for certain things to do like visit a museum so, I would suggest sacrifice something else like a shopping trip if a price is set and stone. For example, in the Uffizi Museum, my friends and I tried to get student discount entrance pricing but, since our university is private, we were unable to get reduced pricing, so I paid the full price and to stay on my weekly budget I made sure to no splurge on extras like dessert for dinner that night.


Do you have a very limited phone plan from your cell phone provider back home? To save money from international calling and texting fees I suggest buying a SIM card from a local phone provider where you are staying. In my experience, AT&T didn’t give me very great options for data and texting/calling so, I went to the city and explorer my options with local Italian cell phone providers and for one month of 500gb of data and unlimited calling and texting I paid around 30 Euros.

Italy best mobile phone companies |
TIM, a popular cell phone provider in Italy.

See you in the next blog post!

-kk 🙂

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