Well today is the day! Goodbye Tampa and hello to beautiful Firenze. Well should probably say ciao now. My name is Taylor Baccili, I am a senior at USF!  I am majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in psychology.  I am studying abroad for the next 6 weeks through USF at Florence University of the Arts.  I received the Global Explorers Travel Award (GETA) through the Global Citizenship program. I will be taking a Baking techniques class while finishing my psychology minor at FUA.  I am aiming to be a part of the medical field, particularly occupational therapy.  I hope this study abroad program will bring me new perspectives and knowledge I did not have before.  I am most excited for the intellectual growth this program will provide.  My family is from Italy and have yet to visit (yes will be visiting family finally). This program will not only broaden my views necessary for my career but it also allows me to learn more about myself.   I will write again in a week and update on how it’s going! Ciao!

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