Get to know more about me!


My name is Samuel Marquina and this upcoming fall I will be a senior at USF. I am a biomedical sciences major and after graduating from USF I hope to be able to attend medical school and get a job in the healthcare sector. I was born in Peru, but I have lived in Florida since I was six years old.

This summer I will be taking part in the USF in Florence study abroad program in Italy. For this program I was able to receive the Genshaft/Greenbum Passport scholarship. I will use this scholarship to cover flights, food, and other expenses I will have while abroad.

This will be the first time I ever do a study abroad and I am looking forward to the experience of living in a new culture. I chose this program because Italy is famous for its role in the sciences, especially during the Renaissance. Florence in particular was known as as the birth place of the Renaissance because of the many influential figures that lived there. As a biomedical sciences student, I believe that being in a city with such a large and important reputation will benefit me personally and academically. As I take classes here I will be able to visit the museums that house the works of Leonard da Vinci and Brunelleschi. I am also very excited to learn and practice Italian. I would like to learn enough Italian in order to communicate with local Florentine residents. As someone who likes to cook and bake, I am also very excited to try new foods and flavors.

I will be posting more pictures of the places I visit and foods I try in the upcoming weeks!

Thank you for taking the time to know me a bit better,


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