Group or Solo Travel?

 The question everyone wants to know the answer to when traveling abroad… which means to travel is better, group or solo?

When you are new to a city abroad you want to see everything! The biggest pro of traveling solo is being on your own schedule. Discovering a new city alone is an experience one needs to experience at least once. Florence is such a safe city that when I was exploring the city alone, I had no problems at all. The people in Florence were very helpful when I asked questions and while I don’t know a lot of Italian, I knew enough to ask simple questions, and when I didn’t know enough Italian thankfully, they knew simple English phrases to help me. A con of solo travel is not being with you friends *inserts sad face emoji*

The perks of group travel to being with your friends! Starting this study abroad journey I made new friends and I wanted to experience everything with them! The perks of traveling with a group of friends is not being alone and making memories with them. My favorite group travel with my friends is going to Lake Como. We did a private tour on a nice boat, and we got to see amazing villas. One villa I was amazed to see was Villa del Balbianello. I always have been a fan of the Star Wars movies, so I had a little fan girl moment seeing the villa up close.

In my opinion, I believe group travel is better than solo travel but, I think having a day to yourself and explore alone is great experience to have as well.

Villa del Balbianello in the background

see you in the next post!

-kk 🙂

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