Florence bound!

Hi, all! My name is Rurik Rondan and I am heading to Florence, Italy, during Summer B!! I am very excited to share my adventures and weekly details of my trip. I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biomedical Sciences, currently a junior. At the moment, I am conducting research on cardiomyopathy models, as well as glutamatergic neurons in Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly). While I am abroad, I will be taking “Intro to Biochemistry” as well as a “Food, Wine, and Culture.” I am very excited to get to learn more about science and the culture of Italy. 

This trip would not be possible without the financial support of the Mark and Kay Orr International Affairs. I am so thankful for the opportunity to represent the wonderful organization as well as the University of South Florida.

While I am abroad, I hope to grow as a person by expanding my horizons through my experiences. I can not wait to try different foods, learn the rich history of Italy, all while learning! I am sure that this trip will enrich my academic goals since I will pursue excellence and mastery of the courses chosen. Furthermore, biochemistry is a pillar of which medicinal science stands upon. My ultimate goal is to become a cardiologist and by taking these courses, it will prepare me for the road ahead. For example, biochemistry will teach me the foundations of concepts that ultimately play a large role in cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, my cultural course will expand my horizons and teach me to appreciate different cultures especially when dealing with patients. 

I can not wait to take you all on my Florentine adventures, stay tuned and stay safe!

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