Ready to board!

Hi everyone! My name is Amber Summers and this summer I will be studying abroad. My program is the Psychology/ Social Behavioral Science program in Florence, Italy. I received the Elsworth G. Simmons International Leader Scholarship award for this study abroad program. I am grateful for this opportunity to go to Italy because I have always wanted to go there and I am very passionate about Italian cusine and culture. I am working on my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I believe studying psychology abroad will be a great advantage since I will learn cultural competency and learn multicultural ideology. This will help me in my future profession because it will help me recognize and evaluate specific cultural and personal variables that affect behavior outcomes of groups and individuals.

I hope while living in Italy I will be able to speak a good amount of Italian fluently, and eat a lot of authentic Italian food. I am also hoping to make a few new friendships abroad. This will only be the second time I have ever been out of the country and I believe throwing myself out of my comfort zone will help me grow as an individual and help me learn to be more independent. I am planning on visiting many cultural monuments such as the Vatican and Pompeii while learning as much as I can about the history of Italy. I am also enrolled in a baking techniques class at FUA and I am excited to learn about classic Italian baking techniques. I plan on bringing these techniques back home to bake for my family and friends so I can share Italian culture and cuisine with them.

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