The Finale

I have finally made it to the final week of my journey in Florence ( time really does fly by. It is a bittersweet feeling. If being honest, Italy was not my first choice for study abroad and it took me longer than I thought to adjust to many aspects of the lifestyle of Florence, however I have to admit that coming here was an amazing and eye opening experience. I have four more days to make the most of my trip and I am not sure how I am going to do that but that’s where the fun and adventure comes in.

A neighborhood in Viareggio, Italy

Entering the last week of my study abroad adventure, I think about my first week here and all I can do is chuckle and then cry and then chuckle again. I think about how I got lost after orientation, a fifteen minute walk turned into an hour maze tournament. I also think about how the Italian language was really just blur when someone would speak it around me and now after five weeks of classes, I can pick up on the conversations around me. Those five weeks were tough, sometimes confusing but mostly UNCOMFORTABLE and it became my blessing in disguise. While conversing with a tourist from Holland about my challenges while abroad, he noted to me that traveling outside of your comfort zone and learning how acclimate to a new environment is a very respectable and strong thing to do that many are not willing. I think about how if I were to have had gone to England, I would have had some comfort due to the country being english-speaking and with a larger Black community in London, I would feel less like a fish out of the water. But those two factors would have taught me nothing, for a person wants to be considered a global citizen, I was trying to stay comfortable forgetting that it is not supposed to be a convenient breeze through the park for learning a new cultre. Just yesterday, I left Florence and took a spontaneous trip to a small coastal city call Viareggio. Outside of the touristy part of Italy was where I actually got see how Italians live. Being that I am from an area that attracts many tourists and I know the feeling of tourists forgetting that their vacation is still someone’s home, I wanted to “visit someone’s home” and treat it as such. As I take in my last days of Florence, I will be taking in the uncomfortable and challenging moments. Below are some of my favorite pathways around the city of Firenze (Florence).

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