Insider’s Guide To Florence’s Restaurants

I’ve been in Florence for some time now and my friends and I have tried A LOT of restaurants. We’ve loved some, been ok with others but there are some we find ourselves going back to all the time. I thought I’d share those with you.

Giulio’s Bistro & Wine Bar: Piazza del Duomo, 35r, 50122

Located across from the Duomo, Giulio’s has become a default restaurant and hang out for my friends and I. Prices are really good, the food is always great and the best part is the service. Any study abroad student who has come across Giulio’s will tell you all about Fabio, everyone’s favorite waiter, who will constantly crack jokes and give small tips about Florence or any other city you may be looking to visit. The combination of all three will have me missing Giulio’s until the day I come back to Florence.

Ciro and Sons – Restaurant Pizzeria Firenze: Via del Giglio, 28/r, 50123

Gorgeous restaurant, friendly staff and my friends would kill me if I didn’t mention the truffle fettuccine alfredo. We stumbled upon this restaurant as my friends were craving alfredo and surprisingly it isn’t the easiest thing to find in Florence. Lucky for us, everything at this restaurant is amazing. Our waiter brought us this garlic bread pizza type of thing and WOW, it was gone in a minute give or take, and we still have dreams about it. 100% recommend this place.

Sushinami Florence: Via Matteo Palmieri, 9 Rosso, 50122

At some point during your trip, trust me you will crave something other than pasta or pizza. In my case, it was rice. Lucky for me Sushinami is a good sushi place not too far from my friends and I. The sushi is good, but more than anything else I recommend the fried rice. It’s something I keep going back for and my friends feel the same.

Trattoria Zà Zà: Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26r, 50123

I wish I was being dramatic but BEST STEAK I’VE HAD IN A WHILE. The restaurant itself is a little more formal and a bit pricer than those above but for anyone who loves steak, I would 100% recommend. My friends had other meats and enjoyed them as well, and the bruschetta is absolutely amazing as well. Definitely recommend for a treat yourself kind of night.

Le Vespe Cafè: Via Ghibellina, 76r, 50122

BREAKFAST PLACE OF YOUR DREAMS. Le Vespe has all the breakfast items you’ve been craving since you left home, and is in the cutest little cafe. It is extremely relaxed and feels like home. Good prices, good food and a homey feeling. What else could you ask for?

And that’s my Florence foodie round up. Would definitely recommend visiting all of these places at least once, but sorry in advance when you cannot stop going back. See you guys next time for a new blog post.


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