Ciao! Italy

Ciao! My name is Veronica Leon, I am a senior at USF majoring in Health Science with a concentration in Biological Health Science. I was awarded the USF Federal Credit Union Passport Scholarship to aid in financing this study abroad trip. I am grateful for this opportunity given to me. One of my goals in life is to become a nurse practitioner in family health! One of the biggest skills you need as a healthcare professional is cultural competency. I know one of the best ways to increase my cultural competency is to immerse myself in various cultures, hence why I chose a study abroad program that is very different from my culture.

I was attracted to this program through my experiences learned from the Global Citizens Project. By participating in this program and being able to become more familiar with other students’ cultures it made me more open to leaving my comfort zone and experiencing cultures and opportunities that are different from mine. I am hoping to not only eat authentic pasta (my favorite food) and delicious pastries but to also learn more of the history that Italy has at every turn. With this, I will combine what I have learned to what I previously knew and apply it to my current and future healthcare careers. From this trip I hope to not only leave with new memories but to also increase my knowledge of various cultures.

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